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Aluminum Snowmobile Trailers
National supplier of  enclosed snowmobile trailers, aluminum snowmobile trailers, and custom snowmobile trailers through our manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Utah, and Pennsylvanie, and Utah with nationwide delivery.  

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7' Wide In-Line Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer
-Bumper pulls up to 28' (including 6' V-Nose)
Silver Sport All-Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer

DISCONTINUED - See our ATC models for a quality, all aluminum snowmobile trailer.
Standard Features and Options
V-Front FunWagon

The innovative V-Front funWagon® combines performance, durability, and accessibility into a streamline body silhouette. The stylish front tapered nose with spring-assisted ramp door provides the most convenient drive-off unloading possible. No need to turn or “jackknife” your tow vehicle to lower the 60” wide ramp door. Fewer hassles and less time unloading mean more time in the great outdoors. The 5 ft. long V-Front nose section frees up more interior storage space; extra room for equipment, tools, parts, and supplies. The rear ramp door with spring assist allows you to load up and head home in record time. The hidden rear beavertail lowers platform height and reduces the loading angle without sacrificing ground clearance. Distinctive Anodized Aluminum and armor-like Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate (ATP) enhance and protect the one-piece radius steel nose. All standard! Choose from five (5) different V-Front funWagon ® models with body lengths ranging from 15 ft. to 29 ft.
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In-Line FunWagon

The sleek In-Line funWagon® is designed to accommodate today's larger and wider snowmobiles. Snowmobiles (2) are arranged in a row - front to end. The radial tires and silver spoke wheels are positioned completely outside the body providing stable handling, no interior wheel boxes, and a low 21” platform height. The standard spring-assisted rear ramp door allows easy drive-up loading. Choose from two different body styles. The first generation In-Line funWagon ® offers double front doors with a portable front ramp. Made of lightweight aluminum and covered with ultra high impact polyethylene, the ramp's ribbed traction channels guide your sled for smooth unloading. The new In-line V-Front funWagon® (shown) offers a stylish profile, extra storage, and a convenient front ramp door.
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