Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers
We build basic fiber splicing trailers with the bare bone basics, or we can custimize to fit your needs with any option you're looking for including overhead cabinets, floor cabinets, black countertops set at any height and location, windows, cable access doors with brush seals, air conditioning, heat, interior and exterior lighting, 12 volt/120 volt/240 volt outlets, exterior flood or strobe lights, rear step bumper, finished interiors with a variety of wall/ceiling/floor coverings, cable clamps, radio systems, Honda or Onan Generators, and much more.

$12,900 - CURRENTLY IN STOCK 6x10 Fiber Trailer
Includes 16x18 cable entry door w/ brush seal, side and rear entry door, strobe light, flood light, interior counter, overhead cabinets, heat, AC, insulation, windows, and 50 amp electrical package.  6'10" Interior Height
Add Honda EM5000 Generator and Aluminum Generator Box for $3,900

$14,995 - CURRENTLY IN STOCK 7x12 Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer
Includes strobe lights, flood lights, interior counter, overhead cabinets, entry doors, cable doors, heat, AC, insulation, windows, and 50 amp electrical package.  7' Interior height
Add Honda EM5000 Generator and Aluminum Generator Box for $3,900
IN STOCK - $26,835 - 7x12 Tandem Axle Premium All Aluminum
ALSO AVAILABLE IN AN 8X12 Includes Onan generator w/ 24 gallon fuel tank, heavy duty 8" aluminum tongue and frame, all LED lighting including  LED flood lights/scene light/ directional bar/interior lights, fold up table for optional island counter, and aluminum side and rear door steps.  Upgraded features include cable fiber door integrated into the entry door, raised axle for extra ground clearance, interior laminate counter w/ cabinets, overhead cabinet, 2 entry door, AC, forced air heater, insulation, windows, and 50 amp electrical package.
Gooseneck Cable Splicing Trailer
Includes generator in upper deck, cable splicing clean room, rear flatbed for cable reels or bulk storage, and subfloor storage compartment.

7x12 Aluminum Frame
Includes Generator

7x12 Single Axle w/ Folding Island Counter

7x12 Tandem Axle Fiber Splicing Trailer - Steel Frame

***Interior options w/ black laminate counter top, hinged walk through counter, steel cabinets, laminate overhead cabinets, and fiber spicing doors
***Shown w/ Rear Step Bumper, Side Door w/ Windows, AC, and Fiber Optic Cable Doors

6x10 Tandem Axle Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer

6x10 Tandem Axle Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer

Custom fiber trailer with open rear deck for storage. Available in any size in gooseneck or bumper pull
5x8 Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer
32' Cable Trailer includes Man Hole cutout in floor

7x12 Tandem Axle Fiber Optic Trailer w/ Counters Each Side


We can also custom build any size and layout

16x16 Cable Entry Door with Brush Seal - $495

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